Watch Repairs

Our CanDo experts are able to offer a full repair service.

Watch Repair

If most of us are to have a look around our home, we will probably find we each have three or more watches – and we will be lucky if one is working!

Most often, our watches have been gifts or are heirlooms which have great sentimental value. With that in mind, our CanDo experts are able to offer a full repair service to ensure your watches are always looking and working their best.

We will check and test your current battery to see if it needs replacing. We are able to complete most battery replacements while-u-wait. We are also able to test and reseal pressurised watches on site. With selected manufactures, we may need to forward your watch to our specialist horological experts for replacement or pressure testing. Again, this will be done in the quickest time possible. Whatever your watch needs, ask our experts to provide a repair estimate.

Our experts can offer an extensive range of repairs on-site, but where there is the requirement to order specialist parts to repair your watch, we may be required to send your watch to our specialist horological centre.

Sometimes, our watches benefit from a thorough servicing to have them looking and working at their best.

The CanDo experts can ensure that your watch glass and face are pristine and clean or offer some TLC to your watch strap! A metal strap will benefit most from a full clean and polish. Let our experts ensure that your watch looks and feels its best.

New Watch Straps

Our experts can assist you in updating the look of your watch with a new strap. Whether your looking for a leather, metal strap or nylon, we have an extensive range of quality straps available on site.

Watch Retail

Modern day jewellery comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and a watch is no exception. We stock a wide range of the latest styles and makes, including:

  • Casio
  • Pulsar
  • Lorus
  • Reflex/Ravel
  • Fashion Watches
  • Pocket Watches
  • Nurses Watches

Prices start from only £12.00 and our alarm clock range starts from as little as £5.00. Our range includes children’s clocks, novelty alarm clocks and travel alarm clocks.