Shoe Repairs

We're experts at reviving footwear

From this area of our business, you can expect the finest quality of craftsmanship to repair your shoes. Whilst most of us live in the fashion conscious ‘throw away society’, we still ask a lot from our feet and our most comfortable pairs of shoes need specialist attention.

Allow our experts to revive your favourite shoes and your feet will thank us!


Our highly trained experts can:

  • Revive your shoes with a full or half leather sole or heel repair
  • Add an anti-slip sole to new shoes or a dress sole to dance shoes
  • We can also inject life into modern day soles on fashion shoes, boots & walking boots

With all our repairs, we are delighted to fully clean your shoes and we can also recommend shoe care products to keep your shoes in tip top condition.


Whilst ‘shoe shopping’ is retail heaven for the ladies amongst us, we all know you can never have enough shoes. To keep your ‘latest look’ looking its best throughout the seasons, you need the help of our Cando experts. Our highly trained experts can:

  • Replace worn down heels on your stilettos, kittens, even ‘touch up’ the heel to cover up any scrapes or chips.
  • A new sole and heel will help revive your favourite leather boots.
  • A new buckle or stitching will revive your favourite sandals ready for their summer holiday.
  • Keep your stylish boots on throughout the indeterminate weather by having a ‘grip sole’ added.

For the fashion statement this winter, ensure your knee length boots fit snugly by having them ‘taken in’ to fit Ladies, what ever your shoe trouble, let the CanDo experts help.

Specialist Shoe Repairs

We are delighted to offer our customers specialist shoe repairs services. Perhaps your golf shoes need cleaned, stitched, new insoles, laces or spikes? Often or not, football or rugby boots would welcome similar attention! If bowling (ten pin, indoor or outdoor) is your game, then make sure your shoes always look their best! We are happy to add the ‘tap’ to tap shoes or a dress rip sole to ballroom dancing shoes.

The list is endless, but whatever your sport, if your shoes need some TLC, then call the CanDo experts.

 Shoe Repairs - Free Heel with every soleShoe Repairs