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Basic repair or full shoe & boot restoration

We can undertake for you a basic heel repair or right through to a full Boot or Shoe Repair Renovation.

Upper Repairs are also our speciality including full zip or runner replacement. If you cannot find what you need just give us a call.

No shoe repair shops where you live or work?

Get together with friends, neighbours or colleagues and post them to us in one parcel.

Not sure if they can be repaired?

We can assist you in the selection of the repair and advise if they can be repaired. Email us direct with your photographs at

Need your footwear repair quickly?

Let us know your repair is urgent and we will endeavour to meet your time frame.

Need a Trade Footwear Repair Service?

Please contact us for a quote.

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New Products

We have just taken delivery of new white Christy Vibram soles suitable for Redwing and other shoes. Check out this repair, these were ladies Trickers “Stephy” Boots, originally fitted with leather soles, but transformed with Vibram Christy soles to be lightweight and even more comfortable, all welting and external footbed replaced and handsewn by our craftsman in our workshop as requested by a customer.

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